Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Glowing In The Night

Striking polymer headpins with an amazing crackle and glowing finish by Kimberly Rogers of
Numinosity Beads.  
The design challenge for me was, that the headpins are very bold and I wanted accent beads that were just as bold but didn't compete with each other.  I had these lovely matte black vintage lucite accent beads with brilliant gold stars and thought they'd be perfect mates.  They work well because they are predominantly black.  Also, having one component with a matte finish and the other with shine is a nice contrast and gives more definition.

The headpins are substantial in size but being polymer also, super lightweight!  Lucite is also very light so they make a nice statement earring without losing any comfort.

I love that the stars are carved and not just printed images.  I also added a little rhinestone spacer for a little extra sparkle.

Kimberly's headpins and beads are a favorite of mine; I'm a huge fan of her work!

Luna and I thank you for stopping by and will be back in a couple of weeks

 ~ Loralee xo


  1. Wowza! You've hit it out of the park again, Loralee!! Gorgeous!

  2. Yep, great composition! Love them!

  3. Great job and your explantation of your choices make so much sense. Thanks for featuring my headpins so wonderfully!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm laughing because I've had to go back a couple times and make corrections. I just changed dominantly to predominantly ... it was

  4. Loralee, there can’t be a better design for Kim’s puns than this! You are amazing. The beads are perfect, absolutely perfect. !!!!!!!! All the way around!!

  5. These are gorgeous! I always love reading your thought process because the materials you use always seem made for each other.

  6. Stunning earrings!!! You really put together the perfect combination of components.

  7. Oh my Loralee, absolutely stunning!!

  8. I'm seeing axe heads. Shimmering axe heads, but axe heads none the less. Love em!