Friday, September 14, 2018

Colour mixing

Hi everyone, I have 2 pairs to show you today, both with Claire Lockwood's porcelain discs.  I have layered them with silk and chain.  Hope you like the results.

I kept the first pair short, I'm trying really hard to make shorter earrings as I keep getting asked to make them. Porcelain discs with silk in 2 colours, zircon chain topped with polymer roses by Neli Da

I've kept these long but they can easily be made shorter by trimming the chain.  I love to add accent beads in colours that appear nowhere in the main components of a piece.  Here the porcelain discs have grey/black, orange/red on them.  I decided to go with pink roses and bring them all together with silks in maroon and orange.

That's all for today.  More in 2 weeks time.  These earrings are now available in my show which is running today in The Earring Show group on Facebook.  Hope you can visit :D.

Suhana <3

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  1. Beautiful earrings as always Suhana. You have a very distinctive, recognizable style. Love the contrast in materials.

  2. Suhana, they’re beautiful! Aaaah, shorter earrings. They’re more challenging, aren’t they. Less room to make an impact. But you had no trouble doing that with these incredible disks if Claire’s. I echo your desire to add a color of contrast. Not always easy but you nailed it here. Beautiful!

  3. I think these are absolutely fabulous!

  4. You always bring so much color and sparkle!! Love them!!