Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Question of Balance.

Asymmetry. Not always easy, is it? To some it comes quite naturally, to others not so much. My head veers to the matching pair and I have to force myself to deviate. And how to achieve a sense of balance when your components/sizes/colours are different? This pair was a case in point.


These great neutral tribal patterned stoneware beads and charms are of course by the one and only Jana Bliznakova, but one is different in shape and considerably shorter than the other. The answer came in the form of this one off crusty soldered headpin that Lucy Haslam made for me. Fits perfectly with the design and balances the length. In the centre we have black crusty lampwork criffles by Kimberly Rogers - Kim and her husband Dave are about to set off from Alaska  to come over to the UK and we are hoping to meet up again (not least because she has a huge stash of stuff for me!) Criffles just make any design dance; like little ballet tutus. Joyous.

                                   Hope you all have a good week - see you again soon. 

                                                                 Lindsay x

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  1. I believe you master balance perfectly Lindsay. These are just wonderful!

  2. Lindsay, what a perfect way to balance it. I love the way you’ve worked with these pieces. So well made. I love everything about them. You nailed it. 🤗

  3. These are delightful. What a great way to balance them. Love them!

  4. Gorgeous and I’m with you re balancing out asymmetrical pairs.