Friday, June 15, 2018

We're All Ears :: June Reveal :: Kaleidoscope

I am not only up to my eyeballs in colorful clay patterns, making charms and pendants and jewelry and mobiles for my upcoming exhibit (goes up in 2 weeks! Yikes!) but I am also on the road! So this will have to be short but sweet.

I brought along my treasure trove of bezels filled with clay to get busy making into jewelry this weekend. ("Time to make the donuts!")

Polymer clay creations waiting to be made into jewelry!

I started with some earring pairs that I pulled out and managed to whip up three simple pairs of earrings. Each of these is made with polymer clay in three different techniques, in different shaped bezels, in different metal tones.

Natasha Bead veneer

Mokume Gane veneer

Stroeppel Cane veneer

The colorful clay in these patterns and colors reminds me of the swirling, psychedelic transforming colors inside those little tin kaleidoscopes that I played with as a kid. And thinking of that makes me happy. I hope that people will think happy thoughts when they wear these little baubles!

What did you make inspired by kaleidoscopes? Your turn!



  1. I love your earrings. They are beautiful. Thank you for this challenge. It was fun.

  2. These are beautiful earrings! I love how the veneers look like they're related. (And yes, thank you for the oh-so-fun challenge!)

  3. You make such lovely things! I admit that I'm over here, drooling over your pile of filled bezels... and, of course, the earrings are perfect for this challenge! Thanks so much for the opportunity to play along! :)

  4. Your earrings are a great way to kill two birds with one stone! They are so lovely but I think my favorites are the bottom pair... maybe because they are rainbow-y and perfect for Pride! Good luck as you head toward the finish line for your gallery exhibit. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Yes! PRIDE! I never really thought of that. I made a TON with that rainbow Stroppel Cane so that is another added benefit. So much to get done and one week left to do it! Ack! Wish I had elves that would work through the night!

  5. The colors and patterns are so beautiful! The second pair is my favorite! Good luck with the exhibition and looking forward to the update!

  6. Hi Erin, Thanks for your nice reaction at my blog. But sorry, I accidentally deleted it instead of published it. I'm very very sorry ...!!!