Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Paper Flowers

It's been unbelievably hot up here in the north of England this week - 31 degrees here today. Probably not too bad for those of you who are used to a hot summer, but we aren't, so we aren't equipped with aircon in our homes. Impossible to work in my conservatory cum studio so I've been outside under a large garden umbrella!

Right in my view is this lovely Clematis Viticella. I think it is 'Valour' but don't quote me - I'm erratic at keeping garden records! It's scrambling up the brick wall with its beautiful deep cerise papery flowers set off by green foliage.  The inspiration for this weeks earrings.

The textured and patinaed bronze connectors are new from Helen backhouse and perfectly coloured. I've wired them in bronze and added faceted emeralds, then through the beaten oxidised copper washers from Faerystones I've popped beautiful sari silk in a rich cerise, leaving the edges papery to  to echo the flowers.  The fancy earwires - also by Faerystones, are as near as I could get to the trellis behind.
Pretty summer wear to flutter round your ears! They're over in my Etsy shop now, and as I'm joining in Etsys 13th birthday sale, they have 10% off until the end of the month. And then - July, and school holidays with four grandkids beckon! See you then.
Lindsay x


  1. Oh these are lovely Lindsay, very bohemian. Amazing, that weather. You will not believe it, but at our place in Greece it looks like autumn. Normally it should be around 30 degrees here and certainly no rain for months. But the last week it has been raining almost everyday and it's "only" 24 degrees.

  2. Beautiful earrings Lindsay, I love the colour and textures xx

  3. The colours are magnificent and the weather obviously releases your creative juices too. x

  4. I'm not sure which are prettier, your earrings or the gorgeous clematis--I love them both! I hope you do manage to stay cooler. Our summers here in Northern California are hot, but we do have the benefit of air conditioning, thank goodness.

  5. I love clematis and your earrings truly reflect their beauty.