Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tropical Tassels

My husband and I are looking into the possibility of tropical getaway, later this summer. The past 2 years have presented many challenges - and not the good kind. We're thinking that some R & R might be just what we need most at this point.
My earrings, today, reflect these dreams of escape.  The turquoise echoes the beautiful Caribbean waters.
And although the shape of the flower is different, the color of the flower beads was close enough to make me think of Bird of Paradise flowers -- I know that is a bit of a leap of the imagination, but I *really* want to escape to paradise!

These earrings are really fun to wear, even if you wear them to the grocery store, rather than while walking on a tropical beach.  The tassels have a fun swishing movement that makes me happy!
R & R can be found in your own backyard or at a neighborhood barbeque! What are your plans for the summer?  
The Tropical Tassel Earrings are available in my shop. 


  1. The tropical getaway sounds like a great plan Linda. sometimes you need to have some real good R&R to recharge the battery. I love these earrings: the contrast in color and in shape. And the tassels adds the movement.

  2. I do hope you get to go Linda. And take your earrings to wear! We are off to Greece in a month with grandson no. 1, not an easy year here either so looking forward to it. xx

  3. I like the combination of the flower and the triangle.

  4. I LOVE the triangles! It seems to be a shape I don't see often in jewelry--refreshing. These are just lovely, Linda! xo