Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hoops and hoops

This will be short and sweet from me. I'm still playing with wrapping lots of wire. More fabulous Petra Carpreau ceramic connectors. These have multiple hoops, and the glazes she uses are just beautiful. I think this first pair have a glaze called herb garden. How cool is that! I added some oval and textured brass hoops, and bound the multiple hoops with lots of copper wire and silver seed beads

This next pair have a gorgeous golden glaze, and I added multiple brass hoops to these -in varying states of oxidation -matt gold to dark black, and those hoops at the bottom are bound with copper wire and gold seed beads.
Really hope you like them. See you next time 
Sue x


  1. Love the shapes Sue - herb garden is a wonderful glaze.

  2. These are gorgeous Sue, love the idea of wrapping seeds to the hoops ☺️

  3. Fab-a-doodle dooo, Suuuue! You've just helped me make up my mind on how to finish off some new connectors I've got on the go! Love the seediness on those hoopsXX:0)<3

  4. Love the wire wrapping Sue. These are wonderful, especially the first pair.