Friday, April 13, 2018

Blinging it up!

I'd just finished a show and wasn't in any condition to start making new earrings for this blog.  I'm a bit burned out to be honest.  I've been meaning to use some of my husband's painted resin charms for a while.  But whenever I picked them up my mind would just go blank. These earrings below were intended for the my show but I'd only partially made them up - I could not figure out how to finish them. I literally picked them up this morning (in between attending to very needy kids) and had another go.  I realised I was trying to over-complicate the designs which was why they weren't looking right in my previous efforts.  I would love to have made a few more pairs but I didn't think I could delay publishing the blog any longer.

 So here they are in their group shot, all blinged up - just the way I love them.

Here I've painted the brass caps in rose gold to match the outlines of the petals in the charms.  I left the caps on top of the charms raw to break up the colours - it's less in your face this way (I think).  I added purple cup chain on the end holes of the connectors, followed by antiqued chain and silver plated in the middle to give it a nice mixed metal look.

I kept things a bit more simple in this pair (less chain).  I painted the caps in amethyst but left the caps that went underneath those, raw - thought it would look nice with the gold peeking out from under the painted caps.  I added turquoise cup chain and silver plated brass chain to the brass connectors and added brass stars and glass flowers on top to complete the look.

Hope you like them.  I'm going to list them on Etsy shortly.  Have a lovely weekend.  See you soon.

Suhana <3

My Etsy shop: Buttoned Up Beads


  1. So definitively yours. And purple as well 😙😙😙

  2. They are long and delightful. I love them!

  3. They're just wonderful, Suhana! I especially love the floral pair, sigh--so pretty!

  4. You and your husband are a very talented pair. Love the charms and the earrings you made with them. And you are right, these have got the right complexity :)