Tuesday, April 24, 2018

In Praise of the Humble Seed Bead

The humble seed bead. A staple of every jewellery maker, but are they always given the credit they deserve? I'm not a beadweaver, and thoroughly admire the patience of those who are, but I do like to use them judiciously in my designs. They're marvellous for adding texture, picking up colours and creating an echo. This week I'm looking at a few ways I've been using them lately.

The first pair feature dramatic lampwork shells by Joanne Joyce. I've been buying beads from Joanne for almost 10 years now; she lives not too far from me in Lancashire. I love the colours in the frit she used, and the seed beads on black irish waxed linen cord were perfect to highlight them. The textured ceramics are by HappyFallout .

Next - simple matte black seed beads emphasise the black in these fabulous leopardskin  jasper beads. This is a pair I made to complement a bracelet - so not too complex.

     And the last - like peas in a pod - wired down some rustic, organic leaves by Helen Backhouse.

                                           How do you use yours? Experiment a little!

                  See you again in two weeks, and I hope the weather is treating you gently.  
                                                                    Lindsay x

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  1. Oh, lovely Lindsay, especially the last pair. I have a love affair with seed beads. Every time I experience my muse has taken off to someplace else I turn to bead embroidery and bead weaving. Somehow this gives my mind the freedom to explore and experiment more, like "painting" with beads. Often my muse returns in a heartbeat.

  2. A girl after my heart. Wonderful earrings all the way around. I love your use of the seed beads. You are right, they are an excellent design element. ❤️

  3. Hi Norbel I think we have a lot in common xxx

  4. I agree that a few seed beads can add a lot! I love how you've used them here.

  5. I love seeds, and completely agree -they are brilliant at finishing off designs. And these designs illustrate that perfectly!