Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A sense of direction

At this particular time in my life I feel I could use a stronger sense of direction. And a stronger aim. A kind of "just go for it". I suspect my subconciousness has had an effect on my design. As if it wants to push me a little harder.

In these earrings I've used beads and components that have been waiting for many years to come to use. Things I love but haven't been able to combine well with other things. I hope I managed with these earrings.

I think they would be suitable for for instance an opening night for a furniture designer, or perhaps a fancier dinner party with close friends.

Ingredients (from bottom to top):
Bronze drop bead
Green magnesite triangles (possibly partially man made)
Lovely white magnesite squares
Matte golden colour covered lucite squares (super light weight)

Strung on doubled 26G oxidized copper wire
Handmade earring hooks in oxidized copper

All copper is free from traces of allergenic metals such as nickel for instance.

All my best,


  1. Very interesting earrings Malin. I hope you soon find your "direction" and aim. Spring is a time for new beginnings...

  2. You always inspire! Love them!

  3. Malin, I have expressed my delight and amazement to you many times. This pair still uses the same basic concept I admire, but as you rightly said, you're looking for new direction. That DOES show in these earrings. I totally get the opening night furniture designer statement. I can see that. You have a unique eye that I suspect partly comes from your environment, a country so different from mine. Your talent is innate, but style often comes from all that we absorb in a lifetime. I am always inspired by your pieces. I look forward to see what new directions you might take. Hugs.

  4. What Norbel said, and said so well. Admiration is yours x