Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Fringes of Society

Some days we really do feel like telling everyone to just kiss off, don't we? 

All the expectations, obligations, mores, fashion ideals, traditions, and respectability in the world could not mean less to us in these moments. We're looking for a way to express the fact that we're tired of XYZ (insert whatever you please, here). We're over it. All of it. And we're looking for something different. 

See, now, many people may argue that you're being childish, you're pouting, you're rebelling in such a pathetically predictable way. I say this: it's those who are brave enough to leave the herd that are most capable of discovering new ways forward. Getting pissed off can be a good thing if we choose to channel that energy in a constructive way. 

The past month or so I've been coming to terms with the fact that this year has not been among the best. Perhaps I've been in the "anger" stage of coping, I'm not sure. But I'm not too proud to admit that I have had definite moments of rage--a rare emotion for me. 

So it makes sense that I haven't been creating as much in the studio this year. The spark is still there, it's just not burning in quite the same frenetic supernova blaze that it was last year. That's ok, because I'm going to give myself time. I'm going to tell my own self expectations to buzz off. I'm going to give myself permission to not feel guilty for saying "no" to custom orders. And I'm going to take things at my own damn pace. It's the most loving act of rebellion I can think of.

Today's earrings fall nicely in line with my "f-off" mentality, as they're big, they're wild, they're looong, and they refuse to be overlooked. They feature two carved horn shields from India that have been painted or shellacked, resulting in a lovely crackled honeycomb pattern. Truth be told, I could have just hung these charms from ear wires and been perfectly happy. However, I took the opportunity to add in some additional relatively lightweight components to turn them into real statement pieces. Rusty hoops added behind provide a layered halo effect, and a cascade of mixed metal chain fringe spills all the way down to your shoulders, creating music as you move. Everything hangs from my hammered dark copper ear wires and ends up being a lot less weighty than you'd expect. These earrings don't even need to be paired with a necklace, bracelet, or ring--they can stand strongly alone.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Boy, some years are like that, I can totally relate. Been there, a number of times. :) One thing we know for sure in this life is that Things Will Change. Hang in there, Sweet One; learning to calm the mind can help a great deal; tough challenge though. As for the earrings!! Of course they fit your mentality! Sometimes that's a good thing, eh? They are an awesome statement! xo

  2. Thank you so much for this post Nikki! Bravo. I am so happy that you dare to say what a lot of people think/feel, afraid of what others might say about them. I wish I could express myself as well as Norbel in her comment, but as usual I cannot find the right English words.
    Your earrings are spectacular, amazing. A wonderful rebel statement!!

  3. Ahhh. Thank you for affirming my own mood of late. I love your statement: "I'm going to take things at my own damn pace. It's the most loving act of rebellion I can think of." I hadn't seen it as rebellious til I read your words--I feel refreshed! BTW love your creation, as well...they do suit the mood, perfectly.