Thursday, September 15, 2016

Once In A Blue Moon

The other day, my husband and I were walking through the park and a band was playing Blue Moon a very old doo-wap song, originally written in the mid 50's, which had a second rise to popularity in the early 60's.   The song preceded my pre-teen and teen years, but somehow I knew a few of the words in the refrain.

That song came back to me as I was working on these earrings.
The lampwork glass hoops by Outwest made me think of blue moons. I paired the "moons" with lampwork glass head pins by Sue Beads and added a touch of sparkly with some faceted, metallic hematite beads.
I guess once in a blue moon, an oldie but goodie, can inspire a contemporary design.  What are some other things that happen once in a blue moon?


  1. The flash of the faceted Hematite is perfect for these Blue Moon Earrings. So pretty!

  2. Linda, I have been so drawn to blues lately, and these are two shades that I think are so vibrant, yet soothing together. They are lovely. As for knowing the words, I always wonder about it. I know the words to songs that are long before I was listening to music. I love that. Just shows you how good the memory really can be. :)

  3. And it always surprises me that if someone had just walked up to me and asked, "What are the words to the chorus of Blue Moon?", I would have been clueless. Its the tune itself that carries the memory.

  4. Beautiful blues. Love how you wrapped the headpin around the ring. So neat!