Friday, September 9, 2016


Yep asymmetry is what I've been playing with recently.  My asymmetry is still balanced as you will see from the earrings.  Next time I hope to push the boat out a bit more ;).

First up are these with some beautiful Susan Silbert Woodworth enamel feather headpins. I started off by wrapping the cupchain on the big hoop using the wire on the headpin.  This is where it was meant to end with ear wires.  I must have spent about 2-3 hours just trying to add ear wires (one of those days) but it just wouldn't work.  I tried adding beads under the ear wire, caps - everything I could get my hands on (that matched) but nothing worked.  After several hours I admitted defeat and put them to one side.  There was no way I was going to waste more time.  I knew I would have to find a way of rescuing them or end up using them as trinkets :D.  I came back to them a few days later with 'a lightbulb moment' - in this case, to wrap some brass bits (hoops, ovals whatever fitted) and hoping they will work!  They did *phew* and here they are, slightly asymmetric with the placement of the ovals and I am finally happy with them.

Here's another picture

Next I have these with my own wrapped hoops (boy do these things take ages to wrap but I'm mad like that!) with beautiful polymer connectors by Helena Benkoczka and some bling :).

Another pair with Helena's polymer connectors and cupchain (possibly my favourite thing to use in jewellery :D). 

I've been hoarding these (I have a few pairs of these) from Claire Lockwood for absolutely ages.  They were already asymmetric with one spike being longer than the other, so I just added some stuff to balance them out.  Maybe next time I will be a bit more bold and try not to balance so much? We'll see.

And finally this pair - I've teamed Helena's connectors with Natalie McKenna's ceramic charms.

That's all for today.  These earrings are destined for my next Earrings Show on the 16th.  See you soon.  <3

Suhana xxx


  1. Glorious! Love the balance and the asymmetry -stunning!

  2. Wow look at all those gorgeous earrings!! I've always struggled asymmetry but you did it to perfection!!

  3. What a wonderful collection of earrings. I love asymmetrical earrings but somehow my mind cannot grasp that concept with earrings. These are lovely!

  4. wonderful job on every pair, love being different and you captured this in all your designs posted. ♥

  5. I love these & especially like the pair with Claire spears. I'm no good at asymmetrical earrings. Yours are impressive.

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  7. Love all of these!! You have managed to pack in some fabulous elements while still keeping them airy-feeling. Especially love the first and second-to-last pair. (Love the rhinestone chain!)