Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hello - It's been a while! I had to drop out of writing regular posts because I needed to find some more hours in my days. But, I'm filling in today, and it's nice to be back, albeit briefly. The Earrings Everyday team is so packed with talent right now, and I had the rare pleasure, earlier this month, to meet one of the other team members, the marvellous Kimberly Rodgers.

Here I am with Kim and that wonder woman, Petra Carpreau. This was a real rare treat and we had a fabulous time. And, Kimberly kindly came bearing beads, including some of her much sought after enamel components. So, I thought, today, that I'd share a new pair of earrings featuring some of Kimberly's work.

I've had these dagger shaped droppers for a little while. I actually made the wire frames up top for a different pair of earrings but the design didn't hang right; then I remembered these enamel pieces. I filled the frame with some yak bone beads, some grungy metal barrels, and some mismatched seeds; then I added some slinky chain dangles for a bit of extra interest.

Thanks for having me. I hope I'll be back here again soon.

Bye for now, Claire


  1. Beauty all around! So good to see you all, and what you have created. Gorgeous!

  2. Those earrings ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Wow! What a talented super-group you three are! How cool that you got to meet! The earrings are fantastic, I adore these earrings!

  4. What a great picture of you three lovely and talented ladies!! Oh I wish I lived in England.
    And oh my, you have done it again Claire. You always come up with wonderful new ways of using beads and frames. That shows your amazing talent.

  5. Nice to see you again Claire, and finally get to see a good picture of Petra, what a treat to see you all together. The earrings are absolutely stunners, love all the little details you added ♥

  6. What a great looking trio of ladies! So much talent, there :) Love the earrings and so jealous of your beady meet-up!

  7. What a treat to see three of my favourites together in one place!