Monday, June 30, 2014

Stormy Skies

We're having a bit of a strange Summer so far... 
It's our first time spending any length of time in Northern Alberta, 
so we're not sure if this is the norm, 
but someone told us that they see snow once a month here.

So far, June has been snow-less (but it came close a few times). Pretty much every evening, 
we end the day with a storm. I see so many clouds, and they really fascinate me.

So in keeping with our stormy skies of late, I've designed this pair of earrings, which
features various shades of grey, and lines representing clouds and lightning:

This design features a pair of gorgeous Artisan Lampwork Beads (I've lost the seller's info, I bought these a long time ago), a couple of chunky nuggets of Labradorite, and natural grey freshwater pearls.
Coupled with Sterling Silver, and these earrings have all the shapes of a cool storm, if you ask me :)

You can find these earrings HERE on my website!
Happy stormy days...

With love and inspiration,
Nathalie Lesage, Metalsmith/Jewelry Artist


  1. I love them - I can image them being worn with a satin blouse in dove gray or a silk dress. beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous Nathalie! I love how you've depicted the lightning with the wire. Wonderful gray stones, and the wavy beadcaps make me think of clouds.

  3. Love these! Great interpretation of your inspiration!

  4. Thanks my dears! I really enjoyed making these :)

  5. Beautiful set! I love how you have wrapped the wires and done two variations on the theme. Really a unique set!

  6. Just lovely, Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone, perfect for evoking gray skies!

  7. VERY cool!!! Perfect name for these beautiful earrings!