Monday, June 9, 2014

A little topsy... A little turvy :)

Yes, it is one of those days... where I felt a little topsy, and a little turvy! (not "tipsy"!! LOL)

I really need to clean up my bench. What a mess!
Amongst all the parts, baubles, beads, wires, metal, tools that all seem to pile up on there,
I always find some kind of treasure to put together.

Today, I fancied a little upside-down time. This is what I ended up with:
Inspired by my quest to celebrate how every single woman is totally unique (and I feel her jewelry should reflect this too), the Rosa Pink Tourmaline Earrings were born :)

These silver drop earrings feature:
nuggets of luscious Pink Tourmaline gemstones,
a set of my handmade Fine Silver mini hoops,
a pair of pretty sterling silver starfish (gotta nurture the mermaid in me!)
all with a soft satin antique finish

You can find the Rosa Pink Tourmaline Earrings on my website HERE.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a super day!

Nathalie Lesage
Metalsmith, Jewelry Artist


  1. So much fun!! I love mismatched even though I almost never make them. Love these!

  2. Love the rustic look of the stones and of the silver. Great job pairing them upside down! What a great look! Love these!

  3. Gorgeous! Tourmaline are one of my favorite stones. Really lovely with the silver, and I love your asymmetrical design, it works beautifully!

  4. Gorgeous - beautiful colour of tourmaline with the silver! Like the mismatch too!

  5. I'm not usually a fan of mismatched earrings but these ones are really balanced. I love the color too! What a great pair of earrings!!