Monday, June 2, 2014

Cubular Blues

I love these Lampwork Cubes, hence the name Cubular. Trying to be clever not sure I hit it or not lol.
But anyway, I really love them and I've had them for awhile waiting for just the right combination and I think they are a wonderful match for these tiny Copper Crescent with such a pretty texture!

In search of some sun I took a picture on my back stoop, first time for that I think and I'm really happy I did!

I also caught a sliver of sun and it made for a very interesting shot that shows off the earrings well!
I know you're all surprised I just had to add that little touch of Sari Silk. I wasn't planning on it but when I finished them I just wasn't quite satisfied until I added it. I think I'm addicted!

These amazing Lampwork Cubes are made by BeadsofPassion.



  1. love the cuboid beads - such a beautiful marbled pattern

  2. very pretty earrings . I love how the sari silk brings the blue colour down into the copper half moons and softens the connection to the cube bead as well. what are the little round beads at the top?

    1. Thanks Deb, those little beads are Czech glass beads.

  3. I love this configuration--the rectangle with the crescent. Wonderful color!

  4. Beautiful! I really love how you captured them in that sliver of really shows the gorgeous color. and I love the Sari accents you add to your designs! :)

  5. Very fun and playful earrings. The colors and design are just gorgeous! You're right, the touch of silk adds the perfect touch!

  6. I like your style. original and fun. love the colors of these beads too.

  7. I love the contrasting shapes and rich textures. Outstabding earrings!

  8. Gorgeous - and the sari silk is the perfect finishing touch!

  9. I adore this! The colors and texture are perfection together!

  10. Love these! The Sari silk adds a perfect contrast of textures! <3 LOVE!