Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There are some beads that require no introduction, no explanation, no overwrought designing. Basha Beads typify this. Barbara has perfected this lampwork glass technique and her beads are singular---immediately recognizable and always breathtaking. How does she capture all that glowy magic and all those cosmic nebula in each little bead?

I'll admit to being a Basha Bead hoarder - no shame there. I only like to use them when I truly feel like my design can do them justice.


I had a stroke of inspiration lately on how to make some wicked primitive earrings that highlight these beads without being too complicated. Plus it let me really wail on some copper with a hammer - that's always fun (read: stress relief). 

I made several variations: soft glowy ancient glass, red garnet, and scuzzy green Roman glass. For those days where you're feeling  mysterious, fiery, or calm and reflective.

Surprisingly simple, but these babies pack a lot of punch. I've even had guys notice them - when men start noticing your jewelry, that means you're on to something. 

Happy mid-week,


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  1. I agree about the Basha Beads, I've always wanted some but never took the plunge. I really love what you did with them and the name is perfection.

  2. Nicely done, for sure! Aloha

  3. these are breathtaking. I love how they glow from within. Your wire work makes me think of fireflies or mini Moroccan lanterns. I will have to visit Basha Beads soon.

  4. Bonkers good (as per)! Such a neat design. My Basha hoard is far, far too small to even begin to consider parting with any. Cue heading off to Etsy to see if I can enlarge it in any way....

  5. they remind me of rattles and you are right the beads are extremely pretty

  6. Wow! You certainly have done those beads justice there! Stunning, rustic look :)

  7. Those are so cool! I love how you wired the beads on the stick! And the variants in color- all gorgeous!

  8. I sooo love these! Are you selling them?

    1. Hi Nan! Yes, they are for sale in my Etsy shop:

  9. Wowza! Absolutely cool and gorgeous! I had never heard of those beads, and had to go check out the artisan's shop. I have a feeling I will become a collector of her work. Stunning design, stunning beads! Well done!

  10. Wow! Those earrings are just stunning. I love how the beads are allowed to speak for themselves and speak loudly.

  11. Those earrings are absolutely lovely. They have a lot of presence.