Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boho Southwestern

Boho Southwestern Earrings

I enjoy overlapping design styles, boho, southwestern, tribal, rustic, primitive and ethnic. This crossover in styles seems natural and makes the designs more interesting to me. After all, these styles all have many common qualities.

In this pair of earrings, I have a mix of styles that always works well together for me. Smallish orange lampwork beads from Yvonne Johnson are capped with crusty looking pieces of eucalyptus in a dark blue green color. The rectangular copper drops have stamping and hammered edges in keeping with the rustic southwestern theme. Verdigris patina adds to the aged look and contrasts well with the lampwork glass.

What I wouldn't give to be able to wear a dress like this again! and look good in it. The dress is sort of tribal and minimalist, but still fits into the Bohemian realm.

This wonderful bag is definitely not minimal, but has elements of both tribal and primitive styles.

Gloria Ewing

Chrysalis Too on Etsy
Chrysalis Jewelry on Artfire


  1. And you combine them to perfection!! Beautiful earrings and I adore that bag!

  2. What a great patina that metal has! One of these days I really need to learn how to do that!

  3. Love the crusty goodness! Those metal elements are great, the stamping really shows through. Lovely patina.

  4. Love the colors and style... that patina rocks too! Gorgeous!

  5. Fabulous - love the metal droppers! And the bag!

  6. That bag is to die for! I love your earrings. You also have a perfect sense of your own style, which I appreciate. I am still looking for mine ;-) Enjoy the day. Erin