Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dear Heart ♡

Oh, deary, deer!  Winter came early here in the Midwest and I'm buried up to my neck in coats, sweaters, and scarves!  For this reason, and season, I like to create shorter designs ♡

These lovely little deer charms were made by Vincent Cav of Inviciti. I am drawn to matte finishes and these are a new favorite!  Inviciti makes charms in an array of colors and combinations.

I purchased the large freshwater pearls from Allegory Gallery They are the most beautiful and subtle peachy-pink with a slight opalescence.  Andrew has such an eye for choosing beads for his shop and this is a favorite haunt for me, even if it's only online.  Those lucky devils that live nearby - I'm so jealous!

The distressed finish also looks amazing with vintage faux pearls; there are so many directions I could have taken these charms.

 I was having just as much fun playing with the photography (if you haven't noticed) as making the earrings themselves!  It's been so overcast that I'm surprised I got as many good shots as I did.

Well, that's me for now!  I'll be back in two weeks, just before Christmas! 
 ♡ Stay cute and cozy!

Loralee xo


  1. These are so sweet Loralee. Perfect for a Christmas dinner. Or a romantic dinner or evening out. I love the elegance and classic look of pearls combined with distressed components.

  2. These are so sweet in their simplicity. I am not someone who likes pink, but I am really drawn to these! Stay warm my friend! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Totally love them, Lora! and AWESOME photos! so great, and thank you!

  4. These are beautiful Loralee, perfect for winter 💙

  5. Those pearls are to die for - so beautiful!

  6. Just gorgeous! Love those earwires too :-)