Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Boxing Day Blues

The day after Christmas - Boxing Day. Why is it so named? In England and former commonwealth countries it was traditionally the day that servants were given the day off, and were given a 'Christmas Box'  from their masters to take home to their family.

The earrings I'm showing you today were the contents of a prettily wrapped box I gave to my sister Claire for Christmas. Not that she's my servant - the other way round, if anything - she's only a year younger than me, and we've always been very close, but she can still wrap me round her little finger!

I often make her a pair of earrings for Christmas but this year I wanted them to be extra special - she celebrates her 50th wedding anniversary on 4th January and she and my brother in law are going on their first cruise, to the Caribbean.  She's been a magpie since we were little and loves a bit of sparkle and glitter, so I bought some of  Suhana's crystal wrapped hoops in Claire's favourite aqua. She doesn't like them too long, and can only wear niobium earwires these days but the aqua niobium looks perfect. To keep them fairly short I wrapped swarowski crystal pearls in iridescent light blue underneath the top of the hoop.

                     Hoping she loves them, and has a great time on their cruise - they deserve it!

Take it easy today after all the festivities, and I'll see you on New Years Eve!
Lindsay x