Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wonderful Wool.

The clocks were turned back in the UK last weekend and the nights are drawing in - that's an old fashioned phrase! But old fashion is on my mind this week. 

I'm still hooked on textiles. Maybe it's the texture- they look so warm and cosy. Maybe the colours - such an array, from natural neutrals to bright primaries. Anyhow, in the search for something new to show you this week, I came across these Dorset Buttons.

Who knew? These buttons started their life in this country in 1622 (very precise!) and ceased hand production in the 1850's when machines began to take over. Made in Dorset, in the very south of England, they were a cottage industry that often the whole family took part in - mum, kids, and dad when he got home from the fields in the evening. The first ones used products of local sheep farming - rams horn for the circular frame and either wool or cloth scraps for the winding. Sold or traded, they were valuable items, for the clothes of the well-to-do.

I love the wheel pattern - they speak of cart wheels and spinning wheels. Pre-industrialisation.

The first pair in these fabulous neutrals I attached with a curled over piece of copper sheet and a ball end headpin - both made by Lucy Haslam, as are the earwires. The
stoneware spikes are from Petra Carpreau.

A second pair has darker neutrals, and ceramic connectors, again from Petra Carpreau, with little moving wheels, just like an old loom. Dark satanic mills, indeed.
Then I went for some serious colour! On the blue and yellow, more Petra spikes, dumortierite and Lucy's chartreuse earwires. On the blue and pink - Patricia Ritchie lampwork and sari silk, with copper rings and wine earwires (again, Lucy).  

The buttons? Still hand made, but in the Midlothian area of Scotland from local wool, hand spun and dyed by Gilleon Finley-Coull. Since early 2017 the buttons have been protected as a Heritage Craft.  

                                                              See you in two weeks

                                                                      Lindsay x

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  1. These are wonderful! Those buttons are a brilliantly ingenious invention! Love the coppery additions too XX:O)<3

    1. Thanks Pee - isn't it good to see someone carrying on the old crafts?

  2. Dorset Buttons - I love traditional put to modern. x

  3. Love the buttons, fabulous designs, love the colourful ones too! x

  4. Whoa loving the mix of fibre and metal,very much my thing !! Bloomin gorgeous mrs xxx

  5. I love how organic the buttons looks. It is great design intervention on their part

  6. gorgeous unique thought provoking designs! wow yet again!

  7. I'm crazy for these! I love fiber earrings too!

  8. I so enjoyed this post and your beautiful earrings!!

  9. Wowowow!!!! Can’t decide which pair I love the most. And the Dorset buttons are gorgeous too!!

  10. Love these earrings. Those buttons are fabulous.

  11. Wow, these are very special Lindsay.

  12. Fantastic! and perfect for winter. great mix of materials

  13. Wow! An early 17th-century South-England craft turned into four beautiful, very different pairs of earrings in such different styles and palettes! I loved the history and the touch of Stephen King (dark satanic mills, ha!). Big love all around!

  14. Lindsay. . . Lindsay. . . Lindsay. . . . only you could introduce me to something as wonderful as these buttons! By way of your seriously incredible earrings. Every single pair. Awesome.

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