Friday, November 10, 2017

Spikes, 4 ways,

sort of.  I had plans for this.  I have spiky drops of many shapes and sizes in my bead stash.  I wanted to make a series of spiky earrings, the series obviously didn't happen (not enough hours in the day) but I managed to squeeze in a few.  Here's how they turned up.

I used these absolutely stunning lampwork spikes by Janna Petrovna, topped with double caps, claws (had to get some in there) and Czech glass.  

And a second pair with similar spikes.

3rd pair also features Janna's beads, chubby hollow lampwork pins topped with triple caps, claws and Czech glass flowers.

And finally a 4th pair, featuring spiky dangles by Jana Bliznakova

These will be available in my FB show on Sunday in The Earring Show.  See you in a few weeks time with more ear candy <3

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  1. I love all of these! Love your layering. Such clever designs!

  2. All the pairings are very clever and the third one looks like an upside down minaret

  3. Every single pair is eye-catching, Suhana. I'd love to see them in person and examine them--they're just so cool!

  4. So much going on in each pair. Like Meridy, I'd love to be able to hold them and really look at them. They definitely catch the eye. Good luck this weekend! Have a great show.

  5. All pairs are wonderful, as always.