Thursday, November 2, 2017

Simple lines

Sometimes things get too complicated in life and we're reminded that we should aim to keep things simple.... go back to basics. Lines. Metal. Wire. Pure lines. No color. Simple. Minimalist. Simplicity.

My brain is still adjusting to verrrrry slow and verrrrry gradual increases in my new epilepsy medication (this stuff is potent, wow), and I do feel better for awhile, but when the next small increase comes up on the schedule, it takes awhile for my brain to adjust and then it's a challenge until I've adjusted.

Because of this, I don't have anything new to show you today, but I pulled a few pairs of earrings I've made in the past that show this concept of keeping things very very simple.

Sometimes when the creative muse isn't 'happening', maybe just going back to pure simple lines is a way to create while the muse is on vacay ;)

Here's a few examples for you:

What do you do when your muse wanders off?
I'd love to hear!

Be well,

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  1. These are lovely. I particularly love the last pair for its clean minimal shape

  2. I love these simple lines and I agree with you. When life gets too complicated, go back to basics.
    I hope you feel better very soon Nathalie.

    1. Pushed the enter button too soon.
      When my muse is on holiday I either try to revisit some older designs or go back to my old love: bead embroidery.

    2. I agree Janine, going back to revisit older designs, and/or revisit old techniques we loved doing is a wonderful way to signal that muse to come back :)

  3. i think these are glorious!
    When my muse wanders off, i usually get all my beads out and make a terrible mess....

  4. Absolutely and utterly lovely Nathalie. Beautiful all of them. I particularly love the first pair. <3

  5. Wonderful post and fabulous examples. Simple is essential!

  6. Nathalie, I love this post, and your incredible metal earrings. Simplicity; minimalist, beautiful. And you make it look effortless, and I know, really really know, that that is not the case. I am blown away by the skill you have. Beautiful pieces, perfect finishes, not a mark on them. I wish I had that skill. Thank you for sharing these!