Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dotty Peacock

Sometimes a particular component, in this case Lampwork Beads are so beautiful they need very little added to them to make gorgeous Finished Jewelry.

I think these amazing beads easily fit in to that category.

I simply added some AB coated Faceted Hematite beads, vivid Turquoise Glass Beads and pretty Faceted Purple Czech beads on top.



  1. These lampwork beads are gorgeous. And you complemented it perfectly with the other beads. The bead caps gives it the right flow. Stunning earrings Kristi.

  2. It's so true, Kristi! I've always said that many of the things we use are difficult to work with simply because they are so beautiful on their own! The additions you made here are perfect!

  3. The lampies are stunning and I would find them a bit intimidating, as it would be so easy to get fussy and overworked. You struck just the right chord. :)