Friday, February 3, 2017

We're All Ears :: February Inspiration :: Patchwork

I have always been fascinated by patterns. Especially if they are colorful. And lately I have been experimenting with making polymer clay "textiles" that I can use in my work. So I started a trolling around for inspiration patchwork in fabric.

  1. needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors, or textures are sewn together.
    "a quilt of patchwork"

I am not handy in any way with a needle (I have been known to duct tape hems) and although I did do some rudimentary sewing when I was about 12-14 (that white circle skirt was the BOMB!), I really have no clue as to what to do with fabric. But I love it! (I also have an addiction to vintage sewing patterns....which I use in my mixed media work as one of my favorite art foundations).

I put together a Pinterest board devoted to Patchwork. Want to see it?

I am drawn in first by all the colors...and then swoon when I see all the pattern that acts as a sort of painterly effect. I love the raw selvage edges and the miscellaneous threads. It is a medium that can be shaped and stitched beyond the traditional quilt square, which is also beautiful and iconic. I just happen to be mesmerized by the new contemporary artists that I found.

I discovered artists like 

and Hilde Morin

Each one exquisite in their own right. 

So the theme this month is PATCHWORK...melange....potpourri...mishmash...jumble...hodgepodge...and my favorite...bricolage (I actually identify myself as a bricolage artist!). I am thinking more along the lines of color and pattern. That can be in whatever style or medium that you like, don't feel that you have to go for fabric, although that might be a great challenge within a challenge!

See you and your PATCHWORK earrings right here on February 17th!


  1. Thanks for the new challenge Erin! I looks like a difficult one! But I will do my best.

    Greetings, Sofie

    1. Think loads of pattern, texture and color. Layers. Have fun with it! Erin

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  2. Oh fun! I'm actually in the process of coming up with some ways to use patchwork in jewellery, so this one will be right up my alley ...

  3. I have just the component for this. I think I'll make mismatched earrings

  4. I have made some patchwork earrings but do not know how or where to post them. I am new to this blog thing but would love to participate.

    Homer, Alaska