Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rock And Chain

Art Beads:
Facetted polymer clay rocks by Barbara Bechtel of SecondSurf/Floridity.

Other components:
Brass chain and findings

I really like the three-dimensional shapes that are created when this type
of chain hangs vertically and freely like this. I lack the words in English
to properly explain what I mean, but I hope you understand from looking
at the picture above.

I am so lucky to still have quite a few of Barbara Bechtel's components
in my stash. She is/was one of my favourite art bead artisans. A wiz with
the polymer clay. Inventive and groundbreaking. Check out those faceted
rocks. She was the first one who started making them some years ago.
Now we see many using that style, and in different materials. Nowadays
she is focusing on her art carreer more than the jewelry side.

These earrings are not for sale at the moment. They will be worn on
stage by one of the singers in my son's band.


All my best,


  1. Cool! I like these, perhaps because they're not as pretty as some jewellery is but grittier somehow. And I'm guessing that's along the lines of why the singer in your son's band likes them too!

  2. Love them Malin - chunky and stylish x

  3. Love them Malin - chunky and stylish x

  4. Amazing what you do with just 2 types of material (not sure this is proper English but you know what I mean). I always tend to add more to my designs...bead caps, spacer beads, wire etc etc etc to get it flowing. You show us you don't need much to create beautiful jewelry. Thank you Malin!

  5. Ditto what Janine said! This is what I always recognize in your earrings Malin. Your inherent ability to take, in this case, two elements and make the design sing! I would wear these in a heartbeat and enjoy them immensely. For that matter, I may make myself a pair. Unfortunately without any Barbara Bechtel's beads. Wonderful Malin! I love them!

    1. Malin, I can't get in my mind what this chain looks like laying flat. IF and WHEN you are able, would you send me a pic of it flat. Thx!

    2. Norbel, check the first and the last pictures. There it lies flat. I believe this is the type (but in brass):

  6. Gorgeous earrings. I do understand what you mean about the chains, it's a great effect. I'm sure they will be enjoyed and loved very much!

  7. These are divinity! The facets pick up the links in the chains so perfectly--simple yet not, edgy yet versatile. I would wear these all day long :)