Friday, December 30, 2016

Winged Things

Some of you know I am a Bird Enthusiast and I also love Butterflies, Bees and Bats and any other Winged Things. Truth be told, I am a fan of Nature in general.

I've been wanting to create painted wings for some time and I finally found the right ones that would allow me to paint them and I've also recently been playing with Ice Resin. So the 2 have come together beautifully in these Blue Wing Earrings. I hope you agree!

These earrings available to purchase HERE

I'm making them in lots of different color combinations and they will be available in my next online trunk show. I hope you can join me HERE on Jan 6th. There will be lots of wings and much much more!

And I'll be giving away this Wing Pendant!

In the last few days, Lynn and Norbel have given you retrospectives of the past year. I've so enjoyed seeing all of their beautiful earrings and we will miss Lynn who has a very exciting 2017 coming up and we will miss her but we are so happy for her! But I decided to to look ahead at what's coming in the near future for me. I've had a rough few years and I'm dealing with a rather serious health issue at the moment. I think being able to stay creative has saved my sanity many times over. Rather than look back I definitely wanted and needed to look ahead at what's coming. I'm looking forward to getting past all of these lingering issues and being the healthiest I've been in many years in the new year.

Here's wishing everyone out there a wonderful and Creative New Year!! May your days be filled with Health and Happiness in 2017 and Beyond!! We are so very excited to have 2 new lovely ladies joining us here on Earrings Everyday. Thank you all for being with us along the way!!!



  1. Oh my, Kristi, these are absolutely gorgeous. I love that vibrant blue. And I definitely go to your trunk show!
    I am so sorry to hear you have serious health issues and that you have had a rough few years. We can learn so much from our past experiences but I agree, it is very good to look ahead. I wish that the coming years will be full of joy, happiness and good health for you and yours. And thank you so much for giving us joy with your wonderful components and jewelry. I can imagine it must have been difficult sometimes to create, with all that is going on.

  2. I adore these new wings, Kristi! Bravo! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!!

  3. Perfect Kristi. I love your copper work and look forward to owning some wings - if I'm fast enough! Here's to a healthier 2017 for you xx

  4. beautiful components, they reflect the artist to a tee!! YES, 2017 will be fantastic for you, I feel it ♥

  5. How is it I have none of your components??! These wings are glorious - that blue! I really hope that the last of your health problems are gone asap and that 2017 is a good deal better to you!

  6. Kristi, the color work you have been doing is incredibly uplifting, and I suspect that came from the desire and need to uplift yourself! There have been artists throughout history who have created extraordinary things during the most painful times in their lives! You have done an amazing job of moving your artistry along despite what has been going in in your life. They are so beautiful! Here's to a new year filled with love, joy, laughter, and above all, peace of mind. I am so grateful for your friendship! Love your jewelry, too. lol :)

  7. Your wings are just gorgeous with the details and color! I will join you for the trunk show- thank you for the link.
    Here's to looking forward, good health and creative energy in the year(s) to come! Wishing you a quick recovery and much peaceful healing. You are an inspiration. Thank you for all you do❣ ❤
    See you in the new year!

  8. These are beautiful! I haven't used the pieces I bought at Beadfest yet. You are inspiration to get busy. I too have been dealing with health issues, so I understand how jewelry making saves sanity. Best wishes for a healthier new year.

  9. Oh, my dear, the color!! Gorgeous, Ms. Kristi! And as Norbel said, so uplifting and heartening and beautiful! So life-affirming and lovely. Much love and appreciation for you, and all the best to you for a FABULOUS 2017! xoxo