Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hope and Love, Looking Forward

Joshua Tree 12/2015
As we approach the end of this year, many of us look back in contemplation and reflect. At the same time, we look forward at what's to come. 

It was a big year, with lots of shifts and changes. Our country was divided and still is on many fronts. With many people and many issues. 

None of us knows what's ahead but we can face it with hope and with love. We can be kind. We can treat one another with consideration and respect each others beliefs.
Mannaz Rune of Higher Self

So many different human beings on this planet. The only way to survive is to embrace or at the very least, accept our differences and work as one. 

Maybe I am living in a dream.

Whatever may come, I must stay TRUE to myself. I will live in hope and with love and I will be kind. I will soften my face when looking at passers by. I will smile and say thank you to service people. I will look people in the eye and know that I have done my best. I will try to make this world a better place and keep hope that I can somehow inspire others to do the same. troubled times people often (as they should) seek out messages of hope. I received a request for hope and love earrings. My thoughts immediately went to Runes. Beautiful imagery reflecting symbols of greater inspiration and meaning, this ancient alphabet still touches our subconscious on a deeper level, in modern times.

If you are interested in learning more you can check out the PBS Nova website and read more here:

These earrings are a riff on a design I first made in 2009 and again in 2011 with mixed metals.
Ball Babies Sold / Etsy 2011

 This design features two sets of rune charms. One spelling hope and one, love. Adorned with "ball babies" created of pure, fine silver. Wrapped onto solid copper, hand forged hoops. These will be available today at Art & Soul jewelry.

 This is my last post of 2016. Wishing everyone much hope and LOVE now and for the coming year. Look for my next post the 2nd Tuesday in January.



  1. yes it was a trying year wasn't it. I love your pieces as they speak hope for the future and thoughts to living in the now---past is history- ♥

  2. These earrings are gorgeous and tell a lovely and well needed message. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I love them all and the sentiment behind them. Thanks for sharing your message of hoope!

  4. A message of hope and love is much needed now. Thank you for sharing your vision.

  5. Cindy, thank you for sharing your heart. It is true that kindness should always prevail. Sometimes it's difficult to see, for the angry and negative are so loud!!!! but there are so many kind people; we are generally by nature quieter, as that is how we choose to live. But when we come together in one voice, one heart, nothing can take away that energy. We just have not all found a conduit for all, so each voice must continue to stand strong against the spew of hatred that surrounds us. Awesome earrings too!! Runes are a favorite of mine too. xo

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful pairs :)