Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bronze Age Spikes

These Bronze Coated Crystal Points are so gorgeous, they didn't need much to make them in to a beautiful pair of Earrings.

Just some roughly wrapped copper hoops and they are done and Fabulous!!!!

These earrings are available for purchase HERE!



  1. Kristi!! These are fabulous! I have never seen bronze coated, and they are indeed awesome. Your rustic addition with the perfect wrapping nailed it. Love them!!

  2. Oh wow Kristi, these are perfect for the holiday season. Well, not only for the holiday season, I could wear these any time. I love the combination of the copper wire and the crystal points. Love the way you wrapped the hoops. And I have never seen bronze coated crystal points before. Marvelous earrings!

  3. Wow, those are really pretty! I love the way you have wrapped them into hoops! I'm with Janine, I would wear these all the time.