Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ubiquitous Retro Minty Green

Isn't it odd how some colors go through trendy ups and downs? Some colors are classic and are always in style - denim blue, bold red, chic black. And then there are other more ubiquitous colors, like burnt orange, pastel pink, and neons (of any kind). Who is it that actually decides what color is going to be "hot" this year, anyways? 

I've noticed the past year or two that pale mint green---you know, the color of your grandma's refrigerator, telephone, and/or toilet back in the day---has been experiencing a real resurgence. I can't say I'm completely nuts about it. I'm just not really a pastel kind of gal to begin with. 


It is spring, and we just had Easter, and the tender leaves are all budding on the trees, so that got me in a bit of a softer mood. So I decided to finally use these wee raw chrysocolla drusy drops that I've been holding on to forever. I gave them some messy primitive beads caps with globby solder and hung them beneath stacks of precious bits: antique wood beads, crusty metal spacers, and powdery shimmery ancient glass beads. They make a perfectly light sweet dangley slim set for these springy months - or any month, really.

Hope you're all enjoying spring this year...even if it is a little late :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. That Minty Green, in most instances is a favorite of mine, not really in appliances though. Those are especially pretty because they have so many different shades and they are quite rough in spots too. Loving your caps too!

  2. These are like those first buds pushing their way through on the trees. I love the very rustic nature of them and the way they will move when worn. So pretty! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. I am with Kristi on the pale green- one of my favorites. And funny enough that you say the last two years or so- because that's when it really got my attention. I don't know why- some unseen force in the Universe making us all like the same colors for years at a time. ;-)

    I love everything about these earrings! I especially love the caps you've created. Like ancient little relics - a rare find!
    - Cindy

  4. Those are really cool! I agree with Cindy...can't we like 'all of the colors, all of the time'?
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Ohhh these are soooo yummy!! Me 'three' - I vote for liking all of the colors, all of the time :) I love these earrings, from top to bottom!

  6. Beautiful earrings! I too love green, it's always been my favorite color. I have red hair and green goes well on me. I love the rustic look to these earrings. Great choices, they all go together so well.

  7. I love these - the rusty crusty textures against the green, just like shoots emerging from the mossy earth...perfect! xx