Thursday, April 9, 2015

Colors of the Ocean

Colors of the Ocean, lampwork by Lori Robbins, ceramic charms by Jenny Davies Reazor.
I have had these sweet charms by Jenny Davies-Reazor since last August!  I love how she leaves the rough edges on the clay and the organic designs she embosses them with!  I remember choosing these 2 specific pair because of the intense hues each possessed...they reminded me of the colors you see at the ocean...from the darker blue to the more teal, almost green hues.

A closer look...look at the colors in those borosilicate beads!

These were on my work table and I decided to use some lampwork beads that I had in my stash...I believe both pairs are by Lori Robbins.  She makes incredible borosilicate beads.  Her pairs are almost always perfectly matched.  Unfortunately, she hasn't had anything in her shop for a while and I don't know if she has a website!

These are wrapped with sterling wire and include hand wrought sterling earwires, that I may or may not change out...these are a bit big for my taste :)

Now, if I could only get to the ocean to enjoy the colors in person...until then, these will have to do!

Color Escape - A gorgeous ocean palette from Design Seeds!



  1. Yummy yummy!!! Perfect oceanic colors! Jenny's charms are wonderful and those Lampies...WOW!! Love both pair!

  2. Beautiful earrings! I'm a sucker for these colors.

  3. What beautiful earrings, Love the colours and you have paired them up beautifully!

  4. Beautiful Melissa! Lovely colors- and those charms and beads are fab!

  5. These are GORGEOUS! Can't decide which one is my favorite!

  6. You've just transported my mind to the Caribbean :) I'm a big sucker for those colors. I love the charms and the beads.... totally 'ocean' and fabulous! Try googling her name and the word lampwork beads or something like that. If she has a website, it will show up.

  7. Love the earrings! My favorite colors! They remind me of my last trip to the Caribbean. They just speak "beach"!