Friday, January 17, 2014

Gypsy Hoops

I love the look of adding ribbon and fibers to earrings and I hadn't done that in quite awhile so when I decided to use these gorgeous lampwork beads (by Bubby & McGurk Beads) that I had been hoarding, I went through my Sari silk ribbon stash first. I added some Czech beads and some dark red coral beads and lots of wire wrapping!

These earrings are for sale on my website but if you are interested in buying beads like these, please check out the Bubby & McGurk Beads Facebook page. Online bead sale tomorrow at 2pm EST.

Thanks for looking!
Have a great weekend,

Kristy Abner
Kristy's Kreations 


  1. I've always been one of those "Gypsy" Gals - so I particularly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. I love the way you used the ribbon - tightly woven and wrapped with the little beads and those fantastic beads from Dean with two little ribbon fringes lightly framing them. Super pair of Earrings Kristy :)

  2. I love these colorful earrings and the Gypsy style!

  3. These are gorgeous! When I first glanced at them they looked like flower wreaths. I love how you added the Czech glass spaced evenly over the sari, and the little tails of sari peeking out from each lampwork bead are the perfect touch--they make me think of the bow at the bottom of a wreath! Love the colors too, the turquoise is lovely with the saffron and scarlet.

  4. Oh ya, I'm loving these. I love using fiber and I love the way you mixed the colors with that gorgeous Lampie!!

  5. So pretty with the muted colors and a bright spot or two of red. Love these!

  6. Great colors! I love the little beads- I would never have thought to put them in hoops as you did. So pretty! And very creative!

  7. I love those wrapped earrings! They make me smile.