Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm guessing I'm not the only one who recently had cause to think about upcycled jewellery designs.  For my first post on this blog, I thought I'd share this pair of earrings that I made using paper clips.

I patinated the clips using swellegant - I was delighted when that worked! - and combined them with some button pearls, some czech glass cones and some links from a broken, vintage necklace that belonged to my mother.   I was quite struck by the design possibilities these humble clips offer and, with this post in mind, I had a nose around Pinterest to see what other uses makers had found for them.  I came across several tutorials.  I do love these sweet ice skate ornaments.

How dinky?! These bookmarks are also very sweet - and simple too:

And finally, these flowers have a pleasing vintage look and could make for natty focals.

As I said, this is my first post here, so I'd like to say 'hello' to you all and thank you for having me!  My paperclip earrings have sold but you can see a selection of other earrings on my blog and in my shop.

Ta-ra until next time, 


  1. Very creative! The ice skates are darling?

  2. Beautiful Claire! I love the earrings and how they were inspired. Welcome to the EE blog - from another new member. :-D

  3. I'm amazed to see something so flat-out GORGEOUS made with paper clips! Charming and elegant. I love the items you shared from Pinterest too, especially the little bookmarks. (And I think I need me some Czech glass cones!)

    1. Thank you, Keirsten! Let me know if you want the supplier details!

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  5. So glad to welcome you, Miss Claire!

  6. How creative. I have seen paper clips used in jewelry before but never so elegant and well designed. I especially love the way you wove the chain/links through the clip.

  7. I had to look closely to tell those were paperclips! That is ingenious to me. Great job. Love the earrings.

  8. So clever and fun! Love them Claire and welcome :)

  9. Who knew you could patinate paper clips? So clever! Welcome from another newbie!

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