Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last Look Back

Fall is here on Long Island. The leaves are falling and the nip in the air is feeling more like
winter is at the back door. Our neighborhood is coming alive with bright mums and pumpkins

I drove down to the beach yesterday to take in the beauty of the ocean. I go down there as much as I can.
It is beautiful at anytime of the year . It was very windy yesterday as I walked along the shore.

I will make a few more trips down before it gets too cold, to take one last look back at the summer that is now the past.

I love designing with nature in mind. So much inspiration. And for me the ocean is my place to refresh and relax, and let my creative juices flow.

These earrings are earthy, primitive and rustic. I found the shells on one of my treasure hunts.

I wrapped the simple copper hoops in sand colored sari silk and added rustic African turquoise,  copper paddle charms and  gorgeous apatite gemstones.

When you take your last look back at summer, what inspired you?
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  1. The are just so beautiful! I love the design and combination of materials :)

  2. Oh there are those beautiful hoops I put in my treasury last week :) I just love these!!

  3. Fabulous! I always love how you use fabrics, it really adds a touch of softness and femininity. Love all the elements you've chosen here, the tiny shells are wonderful!

  4. Here in Wisconsin, fall is in full swing! We are nearing our peak times for the fall colors. It is funny that you view the ocean as a fall inspiration. I am not near anything more than a river but for me the colors are just more vibrant in fall. The air is crisper, the sun is more golden and the trees take on this saturation that is breathtaking. And for me the water is a deep dark blue today on the Wisconsin River outside my window mimicking the bright blue of the sky! I love the way these would make me want to reach out and grab them and I bet they would make a sweet jingle! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Jo, these earrings are so beautiful, with the gentle colors, the strength of the metal, and the softness of the sari silk. I'm always a bit in awe at how you combine all the elements in your beautifully wrought pieces. Here in east Sacramento on the American River, you can feel the fall now by the chill of the mornings and the slow but sure change in the tree leaves--our first fig leaves are falling now, and the next door neighbor's maple tree is starting to shed too. Soon we'll be buried in leaves. The morning glories on the fence outside my office/studio window have been yellowing for weeks now and are gradually browning. It's still warm by noon, though, and will probably stay fairly warm during the day for a while yet. Then the rains will start, and the chill. With any luck, though, we'll have a nice long autumn, rare but beautiful. <3

  6. I really like those. The colors, textures, and geometry all blend together wonderfully. They do evoke the sea, and would do so even minus the shells. Well done.

  7. Wow...gorgeous! Love the use of the fabric!