Friday, October 18, 2013

Amethyst & Turquoise

One of my favorite gemstone combinations to work with is Amethyst and Turquoise. I just love the colors together and the texture. They would pair nicely with this pretty floral scarf I found on Etsy.

While looking at my Pinterest boards, I noticed that I pin quite a lot of the aqua and purple color combos. This is one of my favorites. It is by Dapper Images.

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Thanks for looking and have a fabulous weekend,

Kristy Abner

Kristy's Kreations


  1. So beautiful Kristy, I love that color combination so much and I love the roughness of the stones. Just gorgeous!

  2. Just lovely for the eye appeal! I've never thought about amethyst and turquoise...gonna have to try these two together now.

  3. Love these, Kristy... elegant and full of personality!

  4. These are gorgeous! I love how you constructed these, with the swag of turquoise attached to the silver horseshoe shapes--so much more interesting than just stacking a coupla beads. Love the subdued finish on the silver, it really works nicely with the stones, keeps it from being too "sugary."

  5. Love everything about them Kristy...the choice of gemstones (two of my favorites) and color combo - but especially the tiny details in your wire wrapping - definitely a pair of earrings that "speak" to me! Love, love, love!

  6. Beautiful Kristi ,
    I love Turquoise and the Amethyst. And I am with Keisten.The silver really is perfect with the two colorsI If it was any other medal it would be to sugary.
    I have long been a fan of anything Turquoise and love raw Amethyst and your metal work is so beautiful.

  7. Gorgous colours, Kristi!

    Love 'em all...