Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bordering Punk

My experiments with cold connection sometimes lead to unexpected results. I was rummaging through old components that never seem to be quite appropriate and found these perforated discs. Maybe they could finally find a practical use? It is always a challenge for me to find the right eyelets or rivets for the limited size holes I can punch, so when I found some components that would work together I was relieved. With me, earrings always starts out with a rustic or tribal character using hammered copper diamond shaped connectors and patinated jump rings. These still have that rustic feel, but with a little bit of industrial and almost punk style.

Gloria Ewing
Chrysalis Too on Etsy
Chrysalis Jewelry on Artfire


  1. Super fun components, Miss Gloria! I have bowls and bins of assorted bits like this. And I love it when I can see how they will work with other components in my stash. Perfect outift as well! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Very unique! I love the rustic/industrial look.

  3. Love the layering here. I would wear these earrings everyday. Totally my style.