Friday, September 27, 2013


These were so much fun to create!!! I had these unfinished Polymer Clay Urchins and gorgeous Lampwork beads I knew they would go together well.
So I finished the Polymer discs to accompany the Glass beads.

These amazing Lampwork beads are the creation of Jen Cameron of Glass Addictions, the Polymer Clay Urchins I created and the fiber is a very small random piece of unknown type that was in a Sari Silk bundle that fell out on to the floor at just the right moment. There wasn't a lot of it so I cut it in half to be sure each earring had equal amounts and it was just barely enough.
Wonderful serendipitous moment!!

 I found this gorgeous picture on Pinterest that just fit these earrings so well. The page no longer exists but the blog has some other beautiful Hand Painted Fiber to enjoy!
 These earrings are available HERE in my Etsy shop.