Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NIP in the air already!!!!

I am still wondering what happened to summer. I know we had a very strange one here on Long Island. There were no endless hot days. The garden this year was disappointing, to say the least. But we still had our time at the beach, which for us runs from early spring until late fall.

Speaking of which, is now almost upon us. And back to the nippy air. I love fall and all the great things there are to wear!

These earrings are from my new Tribal Wire Artisan Components and focals line. The links that I am designing can be used as an accent or focal piece in your bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
I have paired these rustic, primitive earrings with cozy scarves. And visions of big sweaters, blue jeans and boots are already dancing in my head.

I have an intense passion for natural stones and other natural elements. And I am the crazy wire lady. If I run out of wire, I am paralyzed. You would think I have nothing else in my studio to work with.

These gorgeous stones are forest agate, they go great with the dark wood tube beads and detailed wire work. I love dark earthy colors for fall.

These colorful stones are Mexican red crazylace agate. I love this stone. It works so well in all fall designs and will quickly become a favorite in your jewelry wardrobe. The stones are each a small work of art ,with their varied colors and  patterns. The design possibilities are endless. I am pleased with the way that the agate and dark wood work with my wire work and tiny copper beads.

So as visions of chilly evening, sitting around the fire pit and making s'mores dance through your head. Make yourself a treat, a pair of gorgeous stone and wire earrings!

The Tribal Wire Collection was my first collection published in Belle Amoire Jewelry magazine.

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  1. these are lovely! so earthy and great for Fall

  2. Replies
    1. Jodi these are gorgeous and definitely put me in the mood for sweaters , boots and a walk in the woods!

  3. Oh, I saw your new focals on Facebook and fell in love! I love the combination of wire and beads, I think these will be a big hit! I love the way you've hung those wooden spindles, way more interesting than just using a headpin! (You're more of a Genius Wire Lady than a crazy one!)

  4. Gorgeous! I love the dark metal and the mix of beads. There is a lot to keep me interested here. Perfect for those scarves and blue jean nights! Enjoy the day! Erin