Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Earring Display :: SOPHilosophy

With an almost-teenage girl in my house, and a studio burgeoning with pretty baubles for your ears, you can imagine that we have a lot of earrings to wrangle. Recently, we made a sweet little earring holder to get this tangled mess under control. I don't have the right pictures to share that with you yet, but soon I will have a tutorial for you on how to make your own. In light of the fact that I am leaving for ArtBliss in just two days (so excited!), and I hosted a fundraiser for my Pop-a-Dot jewelry last night (so tired!), I have no new earrings to share. So I thought I would share this clever and elegant earring holder with you.

I stumbled across this new earring holder created by Sophia Weinstein of SOPHilosophy. She has created an artful and beautiful way to display earrings that I think would be appealing for girls of all ages!

{This one reminds me of a more grown up and fancy dream catcher, and the little tails are perfect for attaching barettes!}
 {The detail on the pattern for this one is exquisite. Like a dew covered spider web, glistening in the sun. This looks to be her best seller, and it is easy to see why.}

{Close up of the detail. Lots of places to hang your earring collection!}

{Such a clever, tactile and functional piece of art!}

{This right here is the picture that stopped me in my tracks. What a beautiful suncatcher! Imagine this filled with your glittering gemstones, glass beads and glinting metal. Could be displayed right in your window!}
 I can see hanging one of these in my bathroom in a soft blue and grey pattern because it would be a pretty and functional decoration, but I can tell you that my daughter would dig an orange tie dyed look as well. And Miss Sophia does entertain custom orders. They are fairly inexpensive. Ranging from $18-30, so this would make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season. With a pair of your own earrings attached, of course! ;-)

Check it out :: SOPHilosophy

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  1. I'm a little biased (being the artist's father) but I'm impressed with every earring holder Sophia creates. They are awesome!

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  3. I never thought about it before, but a dream catcher cries out for earrings!