Thursday, March 28, 2013


Haystacks in Provence
These earrings are based on a tube bail design I did, but flipped upside down and miniaturized for earrings. I added little loops at the bottom for hanging beads. The etched floral design makes me think of sunflowers, so I knew I wanted some kind of goldenrod color in them. I searched through my stash and these gold coin pearls were just the thing. I tried four or five different color combinations with them, and this amazonite appealed to me the most. The gold and pale robin's egg blue made me think of French country decor!

These are totally South-of-France-vacation earrings, or weekend-shopping-for-French-country-decor earrings. I imagine them worn with something like this:

Provence 2

These are listed in my Etsy shop. Stop by to see what else is new!


  1. These are super cool Keirsten! I so wish I could wear longer style earrings because I always fall in love w/them. But, since the space between the bottom of my earlobe and the top of my shoulder is barely two inches, I have to live vicariously through others w/long necks who get to adorn their ears w/beauties like these! LOL!!:-)

  2. Beautiful etching Keirsten! Also PERFECT outfit to pair them with.

  3. absolutely gorgeous! So unique, with that awesome Keirsten vibe!

  4. I love this pattern!
    The colours of the beads fit perfectly!

  5. You do fantastic work. Love the etching balanced with the different kinds of beads. I so have to check out your etsy store.