Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tick Tock Turquoise

{Would you like a pair of your very own? Email me and we can discuss what beads in my stash might work for you!}
I haven't been home before 9:30 since March 1st in case you have been wondering where I've been. Between birthday parties, the religious ed classes I am part of to sponsor a college student getting First Communion and Confirmation at Easter, nightly rehearsals for a tap performance my daughter was in last weekend and the Band Extravaganza concert last night (that I only found out about at 7:30 am Monday morning when my darling daughter brought me the permission slip for the afternoon rehearsal), I have not felt very connected, and certainly not pulled together. To top it all of I realized at 9:42 pm last night that today was my day to post, so I sat down in the {neglected} studio and pulled together these earrings lickety-split from what was lying on the table.

These pretty lampwork beads are from my friend Julianna Cannon of Julsbeads who makes the most lovely glass beads. The dangles are made from hammered 16 gauge aluminum flat wire (and actually are a shade darker than what you see). They take a hammer so nice! They swing back and forth just like a pendulum counting down the minutes for me to get ready in the morning. 5-4-3-2-1. A few quick touch ups to hair and make-up, layering a great color for spring, then slipping on my leopard print pumps and I am out the door. Having the perfect accessory - and the perfect lipstick (Raisinberry from Mary Kay) - makes all the difference in how put together I feel. I think I will be digging out my leopard print pumps this week!

Wild At Heart


  1. Beautiful earrings!! The lampwork beads are just lucious, and I love the hammered metal dangles.

  2. Erin that is an awesome outfit and it would look wonderful with your great earrings.

  3. Beautiful earrings and outfit

  4. Very cool earrings! and the outfit too.

  5. Fabulous! LOVE hammering metal like that :)