Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Yellow Phase

Do you find yourself mezmerized by a particular color or combination of colors when creating? I guess if Picasso had his blue period, then it's ok to spend some time exploring different ways to use one color. It's funny, because I never really liked yellow much. But now I've discovered this rich golden yellow sometimes called saffron, butterscotch, mustard, curry, or ochre that goes so well with some blues and greens that I am using it all the time.

This pair of earrings features components from two of the Earrings Everyday designers. Gorgeous polymer clay beads from Heather Powers and copper clay heart drops from Kristi Bowman.

Yellow Sweater with Jeans

Rodebjer wrap top, $130 / BKE low rise jeans / H by Hudson tan leather boots, $225 / Red bag / Lala Berlin , $400

To see more of my rustic earrings click here or here.


  1. I do like yellow. However it is one of those colors I can't wear. Great earrings.

  2. I'm not normally a yellow wearer but these would go SO well with the top I'm wearing today. LOVE! (drool)

  3. Love that "ochre" color too (also not a fan of yellow in general, but I love the earthy versions of it that you mention-saffron, goldenrod), wonderful combined with the other colors in your earrings.

  4. I love your earrings! I am yellow challenged. I hardly have any yellow beads or clothes.

  5. Very pretty, they go nice with your out fit!

  6. What a pretty pair of earrings! I don't think I have ever had a yellow phase. I don't think that I have much in that tone! I love the outfit as well, looks like something that anyone can pull off. Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. I have trouble using yellow, not one of my favourite colours. I LOVE what you did with these though! :)