Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feeling Springy...

I live in western Canada and for us Spring doesn't really come until mid-May, just in time for summer to be on its heels.  However, we do have the luxury of enjoying chinooks in our region and with that we welcome spring-like breaks to our usually chilly winter days.  The last several days we have enjoyed beautiful sunshine, melting snow, wildlife has been out bustling around and the opportunity to set aside our bulging parka's for a light spring jacket.  This unseasonal weather has left me yearning for spring this year and rushing it here sooner than we will actually receive it.  So, I've been finding myself grasping onto anything flowery, colorful and just plain girly.  I've even found that lots of my jewelry has incorporated a colorful flair to it as of late and these earrings are no exception.  I love the way these would look with a pair of jeans, tee-shirt and a cardigan running a few errands here and there.

I hope you find the spring in your step today, as I have been finding mine.

All the best,

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