Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fanning the Flames

Always on the prowl for new artisan components to use in my designs, I recently discovered Petra Carpreau of Scorched Earth on Etsy. Located in the UK, Petra's style is raw and primitive which of course I find very appealing. She uses earthy colors with washes of metallic glaze on geometric shapes, and inserts patinated wire to form wonderful ancient looking components. They look like they have been recovered from an archeological dig of some past civilization who lived in the shadow of a volcano.

In this pair of earrings I chose to use mixed metals, brass, copper, tin and gun metal, in an asymmetrical arrangement that will bring out the metallics in the orange ceramic connectors. The result is tribal and bohemian and I hope unusual.

Warm Winter Colors

Maliparmi / Donna Karan / Vanessa Bruno Athé slim jeans, $175 / Bibi colorful shoes / Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag

To see more of my tribal earrings, click here or here.


  1. I knew those were your beautiful earrings before I saw your name. Love Petra's components! AWESOME!

  2. Those earrings look like they were made for that camisole! You better snatch!

  3. Thank you SO very much for the wonderful description! I'm rather overwhelmed!!! LOVE what you've done with those little arches - amazing how different they look having passed through your talented fingers!
    Lovely job.
    xx :O)

  4. Those are stunning earrings, great colours. I'm a big Petra fan too

  5. I d'ont speak english but i love your work!

  6. Very chic bohemian! The colors are great and I love the textures! Enjoy the day. Erin

  7. Fabulous! I love the assortment of "relics" you hung from the focals! I have to check out this lady's shop now!