Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Trailing Clouds of Glory


A couple of weeks ago I had a message from Helen Backhouse telling me that Comet Neowise, orbiting the sun, was coming close enough to Earth to be seen with binoculars. And Helen being Helen, she had commemorated the occasion by creating. 

These dramatic ceramic buttons she made have all shades of midnight blue, gold and bronze. The interplanetary iceberg has survived solar heating so far and is nearing the earth - if you can call 64 million miles close - on its long trek back to the outer Solar System. 

The earth is represented by the gold faceted glass beads above and the trailing light is black and gold chain. Spitting bits of rock (sparkly blue druzy) in it's wake. 

We won't see it again for over 6.000 years so if you did manage to see it, well done. And if not, you can always have the earrings from my Etsy shop!

                                             See you again in two weeks - stay safe everyone 

                                                                    Lindsay xx

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