Monday, February 17, 2020


Hello Earring People!

I'm really enjoying using gemstones at the moment. I love that they have their own special meanings, and whether you believe in their properties or not -it can make gifting them particularly significant.

Now my particular favourites at the moment are citrine, labradorite, carnelian and moonstone. Moonstone is the star of this blogpost and is supposed to represent new beginnings through promoting inner strength and calmness, enhancing inspiration and good fortune and releasing love. As we are still at the beginning of 2020, couldn't we all do with a bit of that?

So, these pretties started life as bits of sterling silver sheet and wire. I wanted to make something rather elegant to set off the pretty moonstone oval cabochons, so went for a diamond shaped setting, which I embellished with little silver balls. Those little silver balls are great to make! You just use some left over bits of wire or sheet and heat them with a torch until they contract into perfect little balls. Now one of those little minxes fell off when they were in the tumbler and I only noticed after I'd set the stone and you really can't solder a setting with a stone in! I didn't have the heart to discard them, so they'll have to stay a little imperfect!

I fancied doing something a little different with the earwires. These are just sterling headpins I made, which I then twisted round to make earwires. I rather like the twirliness!. I also love the flash of the moonstones. Like labradorite, moonstones have the prettiest flash of blue/grey in them. Delicious.

That's it from me. These will be available in my next showcase in Facebook Land  -on the Jewellery Show in March.

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