Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Exploring the Ancient

Hi again - it's February already!
Welcome to my current obsession - sourcing old necklaces and chopping them up for interesting components. I have a stash of old necklaces left by my mum, who used to haunt antique shops and wander around flea markets looking for old broken necklaces to repurpose, so I guess it's in the genes. But hers are mainly old Victorian glass, pearls etc and although I often use them, I'm looking for something a little more eclectic. This week, it's old yak bone from Tibet. 

In the pair above, I've used old yak bone tubes above elephant ceramics by Majoyoal and wrapped the ends of the tubes with gorgeous recycled sari silk in deep blue, embroidered in scarlet and secured with vintage bronze wire. The earwires are handmade brass.

My second pair have wonderful deeply carved and aged yak bone beads, spacers and bronze wavy discs with tribal faces that Helen Backhouse moulded in polymer clay from a  piece of wall art I have. Great job too!

These two pairs will be in my Etsy shop, should you want either. Thankyou as always for visiting Earrings Everyday - we are always so happy to see you. And I'll see you again, in a couple of weeks.

                                                              Lindsay x

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  1. Ancient relics! I love these with the deep blue color which gives them a modern contemporary flair! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. So fun to combine the old with the new! That sari silk is a gorgeous accent to the elephant earrings! I love both pairs,

  3. Love the bone beads and how you've used them. Both pairs are lovely!

  4. Love how you have used the bone beads, fab earrings!

  5. Love repurposing from treasures found at estate sales, flea markets, & antique shops ❤️ Superb pieces, Lindsay xx