Friday, September 20, 2019

We're All Ears :: We're All Little Dotty Here

Hello peeps!

This will be a short and sweet post. I am almost late for an eye appointment where I am sure I will be seeing spots after!

This month's challenge was inspired by a dress that I picked up on clearance at a cute little boutique in downtown Galena, IL after the Adornments retreat in July. I knew that it would be the perfect thing to wear to a swanky family wedding that I am leaving for today! Look at all the happy dots!

I am not one to wear much pattern, but I am trying to embrace that! I just knew that the shape of the dress worked for me and it felt so fun.
This is the no-make-up-oh-crap-I-forgot-to-take-a-picture look!
Thank goodness for early morning diffused northern light! :-)
So I whipped up a funky necklace with a melange of dots and stripes including pieces by Jennifer Heynen of Jangles (Remember her fun work? She no longer makes beads but focuses on fun fabrics). Dots go with stripes. Right?

In the spirit of the challenge (and knowing that the gifting season is soon to begin!) I made 7 pairs of earrings, + the last pair which is what I am wearing with the necklace, that I made back when we did the black+white challenge here.

Now it is your turn! Show me your DOTS + SPOTS!


  1. You made a real bounty of dotty earrings! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite, but I know that your spotted pair are going to look great at the wedding. Enjoy yourself. And, thank you for the challenge. I had a blast with it!

  2. I just love your dress, Erin, and the necklace goes really well with it. Hope you have a great time at the wedding.
    This month's challenge was a lot of fun, and it definitely shows in the brilliant combinations of components in all of your earring pairs! They're all pretty.

  3. All of your earrings are cute. I love "Just a Spot o' Color". I really enjoyed this challenge. I hope you enjoy the wedding. Your outfit is spectacular.

  4. I went blank when I read the theme, but you have done a great job interpreting dots in various patterns.

  5. I love your dress, so much fun, and you look great in it. And your necklace makes the picture complete. Love this month's challenge. Sadly, no time at all to play with beads. Gosh, you make such gorgeous earrings. I would not be able to pick a favorite, even if my life would depend on it.
    Wishing you a wonderful time at the family wedding.

  6. I love your dress and the jewelry you made for it (as well as the rest of your earrings). Dots and stripes rule. Thank you for this fun challenge.