Tuesday, September 10, 2019

One Day in September

It's not hard to find inspiration for earrings at the moment. I'd nothing ready for today, but doing a bit of deadheading and clipping back in the garden this morning, it was all around me. I decided to make a pair to reflect what was going on - it was warm and sunny, leaves were a mixture of green and red, butterflies were fluttering around the last flowers on the buddleias, and there were even a few ladybirds left - it's been a very good year for them. Noisy starlings were squabbling over the bird feeder. Bliss.

It also gives me the opportunity to introduce you to a new ceramicist - ceramiky, from Poland.

The first pair use Ceramiky connectors - rich and rustic - with Czech glass and lampwork leaves, a tiny brass bird atop a lampwork 'nest' by Julia Hay, dark copper leaf by Lucy Haslam, peridot, a dark copper butterfly and tiny Czech glass ladybird. Just fun! Then I couldn't resist another pair; these have ceramic leaves by Michelle McCarthy, fabulous picture jasper beads and those tiny ladybirds creeping up the connectors. 

I'm really making the most of the garden now, as it won't last too much longer. she says sadly! At least the earrings will last all year round, and they're available my Etsy shop.
See you in two weeks time; take care
Lindsay xx


  1. Lindsay, both earring pairs are beautiful. I'm especially drawn to those wonderful ladybirds and the beautiful picture jasper. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy your garden at least for a while more. Spring comes so early in the year here in Sacramento (February), and by now things are starting to fade.

  2. Thankyou Meridy - we had a late spring here, so much is still green. Xx

  3. What’s not to like? Each pair is fabulous... thank goodness for our gardens xo

  4. Such great earrings, especially the first pair. Wonderfully asymmetrical. I wonder what your garden looks like. It must be heaven.